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Yoga classes are open to the public and do not require a membership to attend. We encourage you to browse our yoga class schedule and read the class descriptions ahead of time to get a sense of what to expect from the class that appeals to you the most. All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance certified and have gone through a rigorous audition process to ensure that we have the highest quality instructors teaching classes that inspire and challenge you, to uplift and support you.Please come well hydrated. Avoid cotton and constrictive clothing. You’ll need a yoga mat and towel, but if you don’t have one you may purchase/rent on site.

All classes labeled WARM are set to 85°

NuPowerYoga Sculpt is set to 85 – 90°

Vinyasa HOT classes are set to 97° + HOT Bikram classes are set to 105°.

All other classes are room temperature 75°

Please make sure you arrive on time + arriving at Class scheduled time is late (once the class starts the door into building is locked) + Please use facilities before class begins to not interrupt class. We also have changing rooms & showers on site

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Quaker Plaza

118 Quaker Road, Queensbury NY 12804

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10 Class Card – $100 (expires after 1 year)

1 Month Unlimited – $110

6 Month Unlimited – $500

Annual Unlimited – $895

Auto Renewal Unlimited – $99 Minimum 3 month commitment, charged month-to-month ॐ 

Full time students/Military/Seniors – 15% discount on Packages & Memberships

KIDS 12 and Under

Drop in for $8

Kids 5 Class Card $30

First Time?

Intro One Month Unlimited – $49

Mat Rental – $2

Towel Rental – $2

No slip Towel Rental -$4

Private Lessons

We understand that trying something new, especially in a group setting, can be intimidating. Private & Semi-Private yoga classes are a wonderful way to learn yoga in an environment that is safe, fun and relaxing.

Whether you’re trying yoga for the first time, need help navigating an injury, want to understand a certain posture better or would just like to practice at a convenient time that works for your schedule – we can create a yoga practice that’s designed just for you!

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Why Hot Yoga?

Why Hot yoga?

Infrared Heat Panels

Why and How Infrared Works
☀Infrared or radiant heating is simply the transfer of heat from a warm object to a cooler object. The heat is a product of a completely safe spectrum of light that is invisible to our eyes. Just as the sun has been heating people here on earth for thousands of years, our heat panels radiate sun-like warmth to our space, rather than heating the air.

☀However, unlike the sun, our heating panels do not produce harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Our panels produce sun-like warmth without the dangerous UV radiation that can cause sunburns and skin cancer. Infrared radiation will not pose any sort of health risk to humans and animals.

☼Health benefits

∴Reduces dust/emissions – Unlike forced air heating systems, our infrared radiant heating panels do not blow dust or allergens. They do not release any emissions, chemicals or pollutants and help keep the air clean and clear.

∴Therapeutic relief – Odds are you have experienced the soothing feeling of warm summer sun on your skin. Our heaters, like the sun, produce radiant heat waves which work to heat up water. Because the human body is made up of mostly water, this infrared heat transfers extremely effectively and can help gently increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and even provide pain relief.

The Benefits of the Heat

Your heart rate will increase when activity is done in the heat which creates increased cardiovascular activity and quite simply will cause you to burn more calories quicker. Additionally, the heat increases metabolism levels and speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids. This helps to tone your body and lose weight. The result is the body will increase the ability to burn fat and increase metabolism.

Practicing yoga in a heated room stimulates the lymphatic system responsible for flushing out toxins from your system. This rids your body of harmful substances and makes it healthier. The hot and humid room makes your body sweat, which promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin, the body’s largest organ. Your capillaries will dilate in the heat oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands, and organs and helping in the removal of waste products.

We have noticed that your daily intake of water often increases dramatically when you begin taking classes at Hot Yoga and this will have a healthy flushing and cleansing effect on your body.

While the core temperature of your body may rise no more than a mere 0.5 degree during the course of one of our hot yoga classes, the superficial soft tissue structures, including the fascia, ligaments, muscles, and tendons will warm up quickly and allow you to move further, more comfortably and more safely in all directions than while exercising in a cooler environment. The heat produces a fluid-like stretch allowing for greater range of movement. Your muscles and connective tissue become more elastic and will help you to go deeper into a yoga pose as the body becomes more flexible with less chance of injury. Moreover, the tendons and ligaments are lubricated, thereby increasing your strength, making you tougher and less prone to injury.

By moving the body and thus the spine into all ranges of motion, the student actively opens the vertebrae of the spinal column and strengthens the supportive muscle groups around the spinal column.

This ensures minimal spinal dysfunction that may result in nerve interference on the pathways between the brain and the body. A healthy spine allows you to enjoy optimal health and well-being. Your nervous system function is greatly improved by opening the joints of the spinal column and messages are carried more efficiently to and from your brain.

The heat thins down the blood and allows it to perfuse deeply into body tissues and organs to facilitate healing. Stretching your muscles in the heat stimulates blood flow to different parts of the body, thereby encouraging circulation of blood and improving the functioning of the circulatory system. Increased blood flow also increases oxygen and nutrient content to different body parts thus invigorating various organs and systems.

While the practice may appear to be just physical activity, it is also a form of meditation. The hot environment demands a sharpening of your mental focus, concentration, and determination during class.

Students notice an absence of distracting thoughts, during the class, as they concentrate on their breath, the posture, their image in the mirror and the guidance of the teacher.

Through the discipline of the practice of yoga comes the freedom of the mind. When one develops concentration it leads to meditation. Meditation stills the modifications of the mind. Yoga Sutra 1.2 Yogash chittah vritti nirodhah- Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. One will notice from this practice less reactivity in our daily lives and the ability to be still in action, responding to life’s challenges with clarity.

There are certainly tremendous restorative benefits from the practice of any style of yoga, as the student combines conscious breathing with particular movements that stretch, strengthen and stimulate all body systems. The heated environment achieves these positive changes quickly in your body and mind and beautifully compliments any other style of yoga or exercise that you may perform.

The body raises its temperature while fighting an infection. Similarly, the raised temperature improves T-cell function, assists your immune system and reduces the chances of infection.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training MAY 2018

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